A brief description about the payment related screen found in the menu section of the Pocket HRMS App


This menu item contains various information related to the salary such as salary information, PF information, Loan information, etc.

This section will cover an in-detail guide on the ‘Pay Info’ screen as follows-

  • Salary Info

  • PF Info

  • Loan Info


App credentials

User rights

Salary Info

  • This screen shows the salary amount (Net Pay) month-wise.

  • You can also download your pay slip by tapping on the ‘down arrow’ icon.

PF Info

  • This screen shows the past PF deductions date-wise.

  • It also helps in viewing other vital information about PF such as VPF, Cumulative PF amount, etc.

Loan Info

  • This screen shows the loan information as per the deductions taken place.

  • It provides all important information pertaining to the load such as the loan status, amount paid, etc.

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