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Leave and Attendance tracking | ESS


Employees can easily check their leave information through provided self-service portal. The portal lets you apply for leaves, view late marks, apply regularization, and also generate reports.

Pocket HRMS based ESS portal empowers employees to track leaves and attendance all alone. Each leave parameter is explained in detail below:


Under this option, you can view your approved leaves, unapproved leaves, manager permission, regularization updates, etc. An employee can also request for leave through this option. The screenshot below shows different options under 'Transaction'.


This option allows you to assign manager and assistant manager to employees. A manager can also debit leaves or set weekoff settings. Different options under 'Master' are shown in the screenshot below.


Using this option, you can assign rights to options available under 'Leave Tracking' module to a user. Other admin options are shown below.

My Report

This option provides employee leave reports like In/Out details, leave history, holiday calendar, punch details, etc.

User Report

User report option includes manager In-Out details, matrix approval data, and its subordinates leave data. This is primarily provided to manager for team management.

Employee Report

Similar to User Report, Employee Report is assigned to managers. Through this option, a manager can view its employees' leave report, punch details, pending history, etc. Different parameters are as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: Steps could only be performed by employees with access. Kindly contact us at support@pockethrms.com for further assistance.

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