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Pocket HRMS dashboard includes a dedicated analytics and reports column. HR reports like left employees, payroll reports, attendance report, leave reports, etc. help you gain right information and make informative decisions.
Detailed reports on HR and employee can be accessed through steps explained below.


Admin credentials
User rights
Note - Kindly contact your Admin/ HR for rights if you are not able to perform the steps below.


How to download HR reports:
Step 1: Go to 'Analytics'
Step 2: Select 'Reports' option
Step 3: Proceed to 'HR' column for basic employee reports. This includes parameters like separated employees in a particular month, joined employees, pending FnF, released employees, and so on.
Step 4: 'Statutory' column includes reports on PF, ESI, Bonus, etc. as shown in screenshot below.
Step 5: 'Payroll' column under reports includes payroll summary for selected month, payslips, etc.
Step 6: Next column - 'Income Tax' includes employee worksheet reports, TDS statements, Form 16, and similar reports as shown below in screenshot.
Step 7: 'Leave' column includes informative reports on muster roll, employee leave, absenteeism, and similar parameters.
Step 8: 'Attendance' column under reports option includes monthly attendance summary, late data, machine log data, early coming data, and similar.
Step 9: 'Financial' column under reports option includes parameters like monthly input, journal, gratuity, loan details, increment reports, and similar.
Step 10: Column 'Benefit' under report option include reports for parameters like monthly payout, ledger, claim register, and detailed monthly report.
Note: If you are unable to download reports or analytics, kindly contact us at [email protected]
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