Loan Request & Approval

Employee loan request and approval


Pocket HRMS system allows employees to easily apply for a loan through the provided self-service portal (ESS).

Employees can follow the given below steps to quickly request for the same. The assigned manager then receives the loan request on their portal, which they can accept/ reject in a click.

*To learn how to set up an approval matrix, follow 'Approval Matrix > Configuration' to learn more.


Employee access

Note - Kindly contact your HR or manager for access, if you are not able to perform the steps below.


How to apply for loan [For employees]:

Step 1: Go to 'Personal Info'

Step 2: Click on 'Entries'. Select the 'Loan Entry' option as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Fill in the details like loan apply date/ month, loan amount, no. of installments, and deduction per month. After entering all the mandatory (*) fields, click on 'Save'.

Hereby, the assigned manager will receive the loan request and the applicant will be notified of their action.

Note: Steps could only be performed by an employee with access. If you are unable to perform the aforementioned steps, kindly contact your HR or Manager.