Pocket HRMS


A brief description about the smart AI chatbot ‘smHRty’, the lifeline of Pocket HRMS app


‘smHRty’ is not a simple chatbot, but a significant part of the Pocket HRMS experience. It helps the user in all aspects of HR-related tasks due to which it has become the most used feature of the app.
Employee engagement has never been easier!


App credentials
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Using smHRty

  • Tapping on the smHRty bot at the bottom right of the Pocket HRMS home screen will activate smHRty.
  • You will be able to type in your query in natural language and the bot will understand it intelligently and reply with the relevant answer.
  • Alternatively, you can tap on the ‘mic’ icon to speak with smHRty directly!
Note: If you face any technical issues with the app, kindly contact us at [email protected]