User and User Rights

User and User rights configuration

Pocket HRMS allows multiple users on the dashboard. The admin can create users for handling different parameters or companies on the HRMS dashboard.

Unique rights could be assigned for each user with a unique set of credentials. Some of the major rights involve category to be handled like apprentice, regular staff, supervisor, etc. along with parameters that include leave, payroll, recruitment, etc.

This module will help you learn how to create and edit user and user rights for role distribution and effective management.


โœ”๏ธ Admin rights

Note - This step could only be performed by the admin. You may contact your admin/ HR in case of query.

How to create users?

Step 1: Go to 'Settings'

Step 2: Select 'Organisation' > 'Users'

Under the 'User Management' window, click on add '+' to create a new user, as shown in the screenshot below. Here you need to select user name, email ID, and password along with the company details you wish to assign them.

Step 3: After successfully providing details, click on 'Create User'.

How to assign user rights?

Step 1: Settings > Organisation > Users

Step 2: User management > Click on 'View User Rights' under user name.

Step 3: Now select 'Category' and 'Menus' to assign to the user selected. Click on 'Save'.

You have now successfully created and assigned users and user rights respectively.

Note: If you are unable to create users and assign rights, kindly contact us at

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