Device Lock

Ensuring High-end Security & Accountability with Device Lock

In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace technology, the need for secure and accountable employee punch systems has never been more critical. Ensuring the integrity of attendance records and preventing unauthorized access are paramount for any organization's operational efficiency and trustworthiness.

In this, we delve into the implementation of an advanced device lock mechanism that not only registers devices seamlessly but also acts as a robust gatekeeper against potential security breaches. From the initial setup of a new device to the prevention of cross-device and cross-employee punch attempts, we explore how organizations can fortify their employee punch systems for a secure and accountable workplace.

How to do settings for device lock on a cloud portal?

Go to the ESS Setting menu from the left-hand sidebar and under the โ€˜Profileโ€™ tab click on the โ€˜Global Settingsโ€™ subtab. From the โ€˜Device Lockโ€™ drop-down click on the โ€˜Yesโ€™ to activate the device lock function.

How to do initial device registration?

When the new user logs into their ESS app and clicks on the punch button in the unregistered device for 1st time this popup will display i.e. โ€œTo punch in, you must first register your deviceโ€ After clicking on the โ€˜Submitโ€™ button the device will get registered with this Emp ID and the user can punch after that.

Preventing Cross-Profile Punch Attempts

Pocket HRMS registers a profile with a device when a person attempts their first-ever punch. So, when someone tries to punch from a new device for a profile registered with another device they will get a pop-up display i.e. โ€™Raise a device reset request?โ€™

Once an employee clicks on the โ€˜Resetโ€™ button, an HR/Admin will receive a notification to reset the device with that employee ID.

How to Reset Employee Device?

When an HR receives a notification for employees request to change their registered device they can easily do that from the โ€˜Device Lockโ€™ screen. For that log into the cloud portal with the Admin portal and click on the โ€˜ESS Settingsโ€™ from the left-hand side menu bar.

Under the โ€˜Leaveโ€™ tab click on the โ€˜Device Lockโ€™ subtab. You can use the โ€˜Searchโ€™ to find the employee and unique device registered with it. Once you click on the โ€˜Resetโ€™ button the system will unregister the present unique device ID, essentially resetting the device connection or association.

How does the system stop cross-device punch attempts?

If an Employee attempts to punch from a device that is registered with another Employee ID the system will not allow them to punch and will show a pop-up i.e. โ€œDevice already registered with another account. Use the different device for punchโ€.

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