๐Ÿ“ƒIncome Tax

This page provides a step by step guide for FAQs related to the 'Income Tax' tab in the settings menu

1. How to activate the โ€˜Work Sheet Annexureโ€™?

Step 1: Log into the cloud portal and click on the 'Setting' menu and click on the โ€˜Income Taxโ€™ tab.

Step 2: Select โ€˜Tax Settings and then click on โ€˜Projectionโ€™ and click on the check box for โ€˜Worksheet Annexure Requiredโ€™ as shown below.

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2. How to download IT proof for a financial year?

To download IT proof for a year first, you need to set that year as a default financial year.

Step 1: For this log into the cloud portal, go to the โ€˜Settingsโ€™ menu and under the โ€˜Income Taxโ€™ tab, click on the โ€˜Financial Yearโ€™ subtab. Click on the โ€˜Edit Iconโ€™ for the year you want to download IT proof for.

For example, here we will activate year 2023-2024.

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details, you must check the box for โ€˜Set as a default financial yearโ€™ to be able to download the IT proof. Click on the โ€˜Saveโ€™ button and the respective year will be set as default financial year.

Step 3: Next, go to the โ€˜Analyticsโ€™ menu and click on the โ€˜Reportsโ€™ sub-menu.

Step 4: Go to โ€˜Income Taxโ€™ tab and click on the โ€˜Pending Proof Detailโ€™ sub-tab. Select the employee from the โ€˜Employee Codeโ€™ drop-down, select the โ€˜Categoryโ€™ as required and click on the โ€˜Download Proof Documentโ€™ button.

You can also click on โ€˜Download PDFโ€™ or โ€˜Download Excelโ€™ button and the proof details will be downloaded in respective formats.

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3. In new tax regime, SEC 80CCC NPS is not showing

Step 1: Go in the โ€˜Settingโ€™ menu, then click on โ€˜Income Taxโ€™ tab. Then click on โ€˜Tax Sectionsโ€™ and select โ€˜Tax Sub Sectionโ€™ option. From the โ€˜Sectionโ€™ drop-down select โ€˜Section 80Cโ€™ and click on the โ€˜+โ€™ icon to add new 80 CCC.

Step 2: In the โ€˜Tax Sub Sectionโ€™ pop-up, fill in the details in the respective fields as given below.

  • Tax act details - 80 CCC NPC

  • Limit - 15000

  • Order No - 5

  • Exemption Method - Yearly Limit

  • Web Post - Yes

  • Include in New Regime - Yes

Click on the โ€˜Saveโ€™ button and the SEC 80CCC NPS will become Visible.

For any queries, contact support@pockethrms.com

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