Travel Module – Admin

The Travel Management module of Pocket HRMS is an advanced suite of multi-functional features that automates the management of employee travel. The travel module make it a smooth experience for all the stakeholders involved. This document aims to guide you on all the functions of travel module.

Let us start with setting up the module according to company’s requirement.

How to set travel module?

Log in to Cloud portal, click on the ‘ESS Settings’ menu. Go to the ‘Travel’ tab followed by clicking on the ‘Travel Master’ subtab and click on the ‘+’ icon.

A ‘Travel Master’ pop-up will open, from the ‘Select Travel Master’ drop-down you can to select option such as,

  1. Purpose of Travel,

  2. Mode of Travel, &

  3. Other Miscellaneous.

You can ‘Select Travel Master’ add ‘Description’ and click on the ‘Save’ button.

  1. Adding ‘Purpose of Travel’

  1. Adding ‘Mode of Travel’

  1. Adding ‘Other Miscellaneous’

You will find these under the ‘Travel Master’ once you save it.

From a dedicated ‘Travel Form Builder’, you can customize the travel request and reimbursement requests.

Next, you can go to ‘Travel Notification Settings’ option to set the manager for travel and add their email id for the travel notifications.

How can admin access employee travel report?

Admin can access employee’s travel report easily on the ESS portal. For this go to ‘Travel’ menu and click on the ‘Employee Report’ submenu.

Under the ‘Travel Report’ tab you get various customization options. You can start will applying ‘Filter’ from the drop down and then select the date range and click on the search button. The system also allows you to ‘Select Employee’ individually by entering their employee code.

Here you can click on quick access buttons for ‘Travel Details’ and ‘Reimbursement Details’ as well as click on a download icon to download ‘Reimbursement Attachment’.

View details by clicking on the ‘Travel Details’ button.

The system allows you to easily ‘Print’ or ‘Download Excel’ report by using respective buttons.

For any queries, contact support@pockethrms.com