How approve expense claims as a finance person?

As a Finance person, you need to log into the ESS portal and click on the โ€˜Finance Approvalโ€™ under the โ€˜Expenseโ€™ menu.

Under the โ€˜Finance Approvalโ€™ tab select the โ€˜Monthโ€™ and click on the โ€˜Searchโ€™ button. The expense requests will appear, click on the โ€˜Detailsโ€™ button for more information.

The โ€˜Expense Detailsโ€™ pop-up will open, you can edit the โ€˜Finance Amountโ€™ and scroll left to โ€˜Approveโ€™ or โ€˜Rejectโ€™ the request. Enter the โ€˜Finance Remarkโ€™ and click on the โ€˜Saveโ€™ button.

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