New Company

Adding a company

This option allows you to create a NEW company on the dashboard. Pocket HRMS dashboard can have multiple companies with unique user rights and configuration. The configuration may include salary structure, attendance system, leave rule, etc.

This module of initial setup and administration will help you learn the step-wise procedure to set up and configure new companies on the dashboard.


โœ”๏ธ Admin credentials

โœ”๏ธUser rights

Note - Kindly contact your admin/ HR for rights if you are not able to perform the steps below.

How to create a new company?

Step 1: Go to 'Settings'

Step 2: Proceed to 'Company Profile' and click on the '+' sign as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Upon clicking on the '+' button, a screen asking basic information about the new company will pop-out. Fill in the details like Company name, Company address, Self Service Company Code, and Telephone. Click on 'Create Company'.

Now you have successfully created a new company on your dashboard in Pocket HRMS.

Note: If you see any error or need personal assistance in creating a new company, find us at

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