๐Ÿ“„Income Tax

This page provides a step by step guide for FAQs related to 'Income Tax' menu in the Cloud portal

1. How to create a new financial year?

Step 1: Go to the โ€˜Income Taxโ€™ and under the โ€˜Utilitiesโ€™ click on the โ€˜Year End Transferโ€™

Step 2: Select the โ€˜Company Nameโ€™ and then click on the โ€˜Transferโ€™ button.

Next, you need to do section updation so that the financial year change will be reflected in the ESS portal properly.

Step 3: Go to โ€˜Income Taxโ€™ menu, under the โ€˜Utilitiesโ€™ click on the โ€˜Web Postโ€™.

Step 4: Select the โ€˜Section Updationโ€™ option, and click on the โ€˜Section Updationโ€™ button and new financial year will be created.

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