Leave Debit Entry

Pocket HRMS lets its users schedule interviews, process onboarding, etc. with just a few clicks. It is an end-to-end Human Resource Management System. Every HR responsibility like creating job templates, scheduling interview rounds, shortlisting candidates, generating offer letters, etc. can be handled easily with this software.

In case the Admin wants to make a Leave Debit Entry for the database employees, it can be done in

two ways in Pocket HRMS:

Leave Debit Manual

To manually make Leave Debit Entries, follow this process-

  1. Login to Pocket HRMS on next.pockethrms.com

  2. Click on Employee โ†’ Select Employee List and Click on Three Dots Symbol (Options)

  1. Select the Plus Symbol (+) to add a Leave Debit Entry. A new pop-up box will appear

  2. Now, select the Debit Leave tab and add the required details. You can also make changes to a past application for Leave Debit Entry from here.

Leave Debit Import

To make multiple Leave Debit entries, you can make use of the Leave Debit Import tool utility. To make the best use of this tool, we need to set up a setting which can be reused multiple times. This will help HRs save a lot of time while interacting with this tool in the future. Hereโ€™s the process:

  1. Login to next.pockethrms.com

  2. Click on Leave โ†’ Under Import, Select Debit Import

  3. On the new page, we will first set up the setting. We will be using the Sample Excel File as an example which can be downloaded from this page itself.

  1. Click on Add New and type a setting Name. Select Add to finalize the setting name.

  2. Fill in the appropriate fields as per your Excel file. We have filled the data as per the sample Excel file mentioned earlier.

  3. Click on Save Settings. Now, the setting is ready to be used.

  4. Letโ€™s come back to Leave Debit Import Utility or just hit Refresh. Select your setting and the fields will auto-load.

Click Upload File and weโ€™re done!

Remember that you do only need to set up a setting once to reuse whenever you require it for future use.

For any queries, contact support@pockethrms.com

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