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How to Assign Assets to Employees?

When you want to assign any asset to an employee, Log into cloud portal select the โ€˜Employeeโ€™ menu from the left-hand side menu bar and then click on the โ€˜Employee Listโ€™ submenu.

Select the employee you want assign an asset to. You can also use the search field at the top to find an employee.

Once you reach the employee profile select the โ€˜Profileโ€™ tab.

Scroll down and click on the โ€˜Asset Detailโ€™ tab.

On the asset detail page, you will see the assets that are assigned to the employee. To assign a new asset to an employee click on the

โ€˜+โ€™ button.

A pop-up named โ€˜Assign Assetโ€™ will appear where you need to fill in the necessary information.

Select the โ€˜Asset Categoryโ€™ from the drop-down.

Enter other necessary details such as โ€˜Assign Dateโ€™ and โ€˜Asset Nameโ€™ from the drop-down where you can select any asset listed under the asset category.

The system will auto-fetch โ€˜Release Dateโ€™ as the present day, saving you time and you can add โ€˜Notesโ€™ to feed additional information and click on the โ€˜Submitโ€™ button.

Now the asset you just added will be visible under the โ€˜Current Assetsโ€™ tab. To remove an asset from an employee you need to click on the โ€˜Releaseโ€™ button.

In the โ€˜Asset Releaseโ€™ pop-up, you need to update โ€˜Asset Statusโ€™ which you can specify if there is any specific reason to release the asset or if it is ready to be deployed to employees.

You will also need to select the โ€˜Release Dateโ€™ and add โ€˜Notesโ€™ before you submit this release request.

Once you release the asset it will be no longer visible under the โ€˜Current Assetsโ€™ tab.

You can still see the details of the assets that were assigned to an employee in past under the โ€˜Asset Historyโ€™ tab.

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