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Timesheet Entry Approval - Manager

Steps for approving timesheet entries for the manager


This page provides the steps for approving timesheet entries for the manager.
Admin credentials
User rights
Note: Kindly contact your Admin/HR for rights if you are not able to perform the steps below.


How to approve timesheet entries:
Step 1: Select ‘Project’ and then ‘Approval’ from the left side menu.
Step 2: Select ‘Timesheet Approval’ tab at the top.
Step 3: Select the month and year and click on the ‘Search’ button to search for timesheet entries.
Step 4: You will be able to view the timesheet entries of all employees assigned to you. You can click on the ‘Details’ button against each entry to check the details.
Step 5: Click on either the ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ option against each entry to approve or reject each entry individually. You can also tick the ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ check box at the top of the list to approve or reject the entries in bulk.
Step 6: Click on the ‘Save’ button to save the timesheet approvals.
Note: If you are unable to view or approve the timesheet entries, kindly contact us at [email protected]